The introduction of graphene oxide in; ppe tools, masks, covid assessments, covid vaccines leads the idea that it certainly might deliberately be the reason for the supposed scamdemic. Graphene Oxide poisoning causes the identical signs of covid 19. Lung injury, blood clotting, lack of style and scent and clarify why many individuals which have recieved the covid vax report magnetism to metallic objects on the website of injection.

I stumbled upon the analysis finished by spanish researchers from la quinta columna

Graphene oxide would have been launched in excessive quantities in flu pictures previous to 2020 which might have been taken by the aged, for essentially the most half. This explains why the aged are extra affected. Graphene oxide might be eradicated naturally by our our bodies by glutathione, a strong antioxidant which already decreases as we age. The youthful one is, the upper the quantities of glutathione. It is usually produced in nice quantities throughout train which is why athletes haven’t been affected by covid and usually have had no signs. That is additionally why i consider the strict lockdowns had been carried out which prevented many individuals from exercising and naturally producing glutathione. Sure many exercised exterior, however many additionally beforehand relied on a gymnasium to train and as soon as these had been closed they did not train anymore.

Taking N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is one of the simplest ways to dramatically improve glutathione. It’s bought as a complement. It’s utilized in cough medication as it’s also efficient in devreasing mucus together with its antioxidant properties and liver detoxing. The FDA is now within the means of banning NAC as a complement and the timing is ideal. It expressed the intent to ban the substance in 2020, completely timed with the breakout of covid 19. https://fda.information/2020-08-21-fda-trying-make-n-acetylcysteine-illegal-could-help-treat-covid19.html# Though i nonetheless discovered NAC on amazon it’s now unavailable on myprotein the place i had beforehand bought it and plenty of manufacturers at the moment are even disappearing from amazon.

I additionally discovered this research which signifies that graphene oxide inhibits spermatogenisis amongst different issues. Depopulation. The spanish researchers additionally point out the hazard of getting graphene oxide when the 5g community can be activated, lending to the concept of one other ‘pandemic’ in a number of years time when the grid can be activated and established. It basically causes the well-known cytokine storm you in all probability already heard about and mainly makes the immune system ineffective. This time spherical deaths can be great. This coincides with the Rockefeller basis’s ‘Operation Lockstep’ which has laid out the plan for what we see is occurring presently. After the preliminary pandemic there can be a secondary one through which roughly 30% of individuals worldwide would die.

Enjoyable truth: the primary province the place 5g was rolled out was in Wuhan.

Google ‘graphene oxide covid19″ and all you discover are articles and research selling the nanoparticle and the way it may also help by being launched in screening and vaccine. Pink flag.

The booster pictures yearly or a number of instances a yr would assure a excessive stage of graphene oxide within the physique and wouldn’t enable sufficient time for pure excretion of the nanoparticle by the physique by antioxidative pathways. It is very important add that graphene oxide is current in all present vaccines, nasal spray vaccines and flu pictures. So finest wager is to neglect about getting any type of vaccination any longer.

I have never seen something posted on graphene oxide but anyplace aside from that spanish research i metioned so needed to make this put up. Any contributions are appreciated.