Letter to the Editor

Karen Kingston, former Pfizer worker, confirms covid vaxxxines are poison.
Good of her to carry some science, to the rising pile of our bodies.

Karen Kingston former Pfizer worker now an analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical gadget industries

Transcript of interview with Stew Peters:

Stew Peters: “Nicely we’ve gone forwards and backwards with fact-checkers – some unbiased researchers who’ve tried to debunk the findings of Spanish researchers referred to as La Quinta Columna, initially damaged right here on the Stew Peters Present by Dr. Jane Ruby. That video revealing that graphene oxide, a poisonous substance – a poison! was discovered within the Pfizer vaccines. These researchers later discovered that the identical utilized to Moderna and AstraZeneca, is now being examined on account of our reporting. The reality is right here.

USA At present and Lead Tales, all funded by the cabal, had been throughout me, throughout Dr. Jane Ruby, and out and out calling us liars for reporting these findings to the world in a video that has now soared over effectively I take into consideration one million views on Rumble.

We have now sought the enter of many medical specialists, world-renowned docs, Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Dr. David Martin, they’ve all confirmed that report. However regardless of all of that affirmation, the assaults on our reality proceed.

On twitter, you will have not too long ago been following the hashtag ‘pfizerleak’ [#pfizerleak]. We need to know what’s in them. We need to know if it was pre-planned. Who’s behind all of it. We need to know what to consider, so as we speak we’re going to get the affirmation that we’d like.

It’s exhausting to fact-check paperwork. It’s exhausting to fact-check publicly discoverable propriotary elements. It’s exhausting to fact-check Karen Kingston. She is a former Pfizer worker, at present an analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical gadget industries.

Karen, thanks a lot for being right here. We actually admire your bravery. We admire your want to reveal the reality behind what seems to be, to me at the least, some of the, if not THE most, evil agenda mankind has ever been topic to.”

Karen Kingston @1:50: “Nicely, thanks for giving me a platform to share my findings and to unfold the reality. And also you’re proper, this can be very troublesome to seek out this data and hyperlink it collectively. I do have a singular set of expertise, that is what I do within the business; I analyse mental property, the authorized panorama, for each physicians, pharma and shoppers, after which I’m additionally a scientific author and do the scientific evaluation as effectively. So you may’t anticipate everybody to have that talent set to seek out this data, and the reality is I’m – you understand, the entire do your individual analysis was born out of the truth that the mainstream media has been mendacity to us and large tech and social media have been blocking the reality. And that’s why individuals have needed to do their very own analysis.
And that’s – that violates our first modification.”

SP: “Is graphene oxide in these pictures?”

KK: “100% it’s, and it’s irrefutable.”

Stew Peters @2:38: “So, simply lay it on the market. Is graphene oxide in these pictures?”

Karen Kingston: “100% it’s, and it’s irrefutable. And I’ll stroll you thru it.

So, what’s actually necessary to know is that all the mRNA vaccines comprise what’s referred to as a PEGylated lipid nanoparticle. And that’s what we’re going to undergo. So should you check out the Moderna patent, it says, proper there, that this comprises lipid nanoparticle formulation. And as you undergo the patent, which I’ll present you, they particularly speak about numerous elements and numerous PEGylated formulations which have alpha-numeric codes. After which you may as well discover them within the filings with the FDA with the IND [investigational new drug] and section 3 trials for each Moderna and Pfizer. And you may as well discover them, you understand, throughout the pond with the UK filings. I hope that’s making sense to this point.

So right here’s the necessary factor concerning the patent. I learn the patent; it’s 193 pages plus attachments. And I learn the patent to search for graphene oxide. It isn’t listed within the patent as a result of it’s a commerce secret. So keep in mind Invoice Gates saying that there was a commerce secret? Commerce secrets and techniques usually are not, you understand, aware about the general public, in order that they can’t be within the patent. So graphene oxide shouldn’t be listed within the patent, and it lists all the things BUT that. However I’m nonetheless going to indicate you proof that these comprise graphene oxide and the patent in China that reveals they comprise graphene oxide.”

Stew Peters: “So let me simply ask you, why would they put each different ingredient on the patent, apart from the standalone, graphene oxide? Why would they not put that on there?”
Karen Kingston: “I might say the primary cause is as a result of it’s toxic to people and well-known that it’s toxic to people.

Yeah, and the opposite cause is as a result of it’s the primary ingredient in hydrogel, which is the liquid, you understand, AI template that’s used for a few of Elon Musk’s, you understand, analysis and Invoice Gates, so far as that creating an interface between people and, you understand, the web, if you’ll.”
Stew Peters: “So there’s a professional principle that these pictures are literally designed to create some form of connectivity between people, 5G – no matter that is, controlling your ideas, your reminiscences, all of these items, I imply, these are lifelike and believable prospects?”