Graphene Oxide: a ‘Trade Secret’

A gossamer skinny layer of graphene oxide

Lies hidden in translucent sight

The lie is spun out, so huge, so vast
Like a trawling web, heaving on the tide.
Cartoon media spools out the infernal lie:
That with out the jib-jab, you’ll die.
The whole lot of the lie is determined by this:
The virus is actual, it’s been confirmed to exist.


Thoughts Video games

Let’s not beat in regards to the bush: the premise that viruses are communicable and contagious is fake.

It’s utter horseshit.

Any and all photographs of ‘it’ are nothing greater than cartoons. It has by no means been remoted, purified and photographed.

No so-called ‘authority’ holds any materials proof that there’s such a factor.

Alternatively, the presence of Graphene Oxide within the jib-jab is irrefutable. The magnetism is demonstrable: the vile vials are 99.5% graphene oxide.

Nicely, why aren’t the vials contents darkish? The graphene oxide is a single nano-particulate layer that’s clear.

Aided and abetted by the Eugenist Tavistock mind-manipulators like Susan Michie, whose position on SAGE has been well-documented, there was a Massive Pharma takeover of the prison Governments of the whirled (sic).

The weapon being utilized in what we are able to now rightly name, World Warfare Three, is, merely acknowledged, poison. A poison pumped out of the genocidal Pharmaceutical trade which in actuality, has nothing to do with well being. It’s a battle being waged at needlepoint, through which the Eugenicists of the anti-christ have claimed they’re above God for they’re those who can select who’s to dwell and who’s to die.

To any crucial thinker, that is wholly abhorrent, a phrase that doesn’t come near expressing the sheer scale of the genocide that’s going down, proper underneath our very noses.

This isn’t some refined, intelligently created concoction that works to construct up resistance to an infection.

All of the discuss of it being designed as a genetic intervention, or a gene remedy is a smokescreen, normally relied upon by the Quacks who push it and spin out phrase salads to obfuscate the truth that they know fook all about what they’re saying.

I beforehand posted a hyperlink to the Google patent held by a Chinese language firm for the utilization of Graphene Oxide within the snake oil:

Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as provider

Supply: Google Patent

But, when one reads the listing of components for any one of many vile vials, there isn’t a point out of Graphene Oxide. How can that be?

It’s as a result of Graphene Oxide is a Commerce Secret.

A Secret Ingredient in a commercialised weapon of genocide.

That’s why it isn’t listed within the components.

Let that sink in.

Now watch this,

The info of the matter are plain to see, for these with the eyes to see and ears to listen to:

Dr. Martín Monteverde, spokesman for the group of well being professionals who submitted the request for the report on the isolation of SARS-CoV-2 in Argentina, and who introduced that graphene oxide was present in Vaxigrip Tetra and Moderna vaccines, gave a particular interview for Radio Recent just a few hours in the past.


All through the interview, the physician put the listening public on discover in regards to the truths that the globalist media is not going to inform them: no nation on the earth has remoted the so-called SARS-CoV-2; the PCR take a look at was created to be the help of the plandemic; and the graphene oxide launched within the flu vaccines of the 2019 and 2020 campaigns was the true reason for the so-called first wave.

We’re at battle. Open thine ears and eyes for thine enemy depends upon you being deaf and blind.

Additional studying – Orwell Metropolis

(Posted on July 9, 2021 by State of the Nation)

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