Mechanical, Barrier, Adhesion and Antibacterial Properties of Pullulan

On this research, an environmentally pleasant and biodegradable pullulan/graphene bio nanocomposite was ready and coated on the nanocellulose movie to enhance the floor, mechanical, barrier and antibacterial properties. The nanocellulose movies have been ready through the use of a twig coating of nanocellulose suspension on stainless-steel plates. The graphene nanoparticles have been ready by the modified Hummers technique. The pullulan/graphene bio nanocomposites have been ready by solvent technique with the addition of varied wt% (0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2) of graphene with pullulan. The coating was carried out by the curler coating technique. Outcomes confirmed that the elevated graphene nanoparticles in pullulan coating elevated the opacity, floor hydrophobicity, tensile power, oxygen transmission charge and watervapour transmission charge of the coated nanocellulose movie. Additionally, the coated movie confirmed wonderful antibacterial properties in opposition to each gram-negative E.coli and gram-positive S.aureus. On this analysis work, it was concluded that the graphene nanoparticles of 0.2 wt% confirmed environment friendly outcomes. The distinctive properties of the pullulan/graphene bio nanocomposite coating on the nanocellulose movie will give a brand new pathway to excessive efficiency meals packaging purposes.

Key phrases

Nanocellulose, Pullulan, Graphene, Coating, Adhesion Energy, Antibacterial