Parasitic Organism Dubbed “The Thing” Found in COVID Vaccines

“The factor” has discovered fertile floor. And right here now we have “that factor”, it’s smiling at us. Right here is the top and right here the tentacles. Right here is one other one, and the colourful tentacles. And it’s fabricated from aluminum and carbon. Do we all know any aluminum-based lifeforms?

We do now. Nearly all of individuals have already got it within their our bodies. The bulk that took it voluntarily…

I’m very pleased that we gathered right here and that I may current to you “that factor”.

And once more “the factor” within one other pattern. Is that this a plant? Mud? “A being” given to individuals in eggs in a fertile/appropriate atmosphere. Someplace shut by there is perhaps some type of sign which prompted that being to begin dwelling. Simply as pinecone seeds received’t develop except they are going to be in an acceptable atmosphere on fertile floor, the identical “that factor” appears to not be transferring. It might be dormant/sleeping.

Who’s keen to have “that” within you?

Lots of you’ve already chosen and acquired it… Welcome. I hope it received’t be activated.

Allow us to proceed with the subsequent assessments and factors. Right here now we have aluminum-based lifeforms. Do we all know any aluminum-based lifeforms? I’m asking the neatest representatives of this world. Allow them to current it… however not in secret.

That is the tip of a tentacle/leg. The way in which it’s construct, it’s not jagged. It’s constructed like that. It ends with a paw… And it’s fabricated from aluminum. 100% aluminum. We now have aluminum-based beings that are within us. [Dr. Zalewski corrects himself at a later time claiming that the end of the tentacle is carbon-based instead of aluminum-based.]

Right here now we have 10 microns and that is the leg. The size of this beings’ leg is round 2.5mm.

That is solely life… however totally different. Will or not it’s benevolent?

Maybe we must always grasp up a poster someplace right here… For everybody to give up to euthanasia voluntarily?

The criminals of this world… you hear nicely…

These are the outcomes of the assessments: It’s fabricated from carbon. Excuse me, I meant carbon, not aluminum, however the finish is fabricated from carbon solely. I made a mistake.

That is the model that’s manufacturing this “therapeutic potion” for our happiness and well-being. [shows slide of Pfizer vaccines]. That is from this model.

And now it’s price to ask, why some individuals get an injection with solely a saline resolution, and why some get one thing else – eggs.

However this isn’t for me to seek out out. I’m a seeker of the reality, however not of this world. This world, now we have to understand, is sort of already misplaced.

Simply have a look at the statistics. How many individuals have already taken it.

Sure, we do have a number of micro organism and viruses which now we have to deal with. And we proceed to stay. However nobody was giving them to us artificially. Now, the bulk took it voluntarily.

Do you wish to have a being like that within you? It has fairly colours, one can care for it… Nevertheless it hasn’t been created to only sit there and to do nothing. It additionally desires to stay and multiply… it’s essential to notice that.

And this isn’t a hedgehog and likewise not a sea urchin.”