I’m updating this text final posted on 8/14/21 to incorporate a number of the essential documentation offered by Karen Kingston, as she mentioned within the video.  Because of PFC volunteer Marian for offering this invaluable materials and for protecting our foot on the gasoline pedal of this insane bus journey!  Hope you get pleasure from and respect.  The unique article follows under the paperwork now being offered.

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One other nice interview from Stew:

Karen Kingston, former Pfizer worker, confirms covid vaxxxines are poison.
Good of her to carry some science, to the rising pile of our bodies.

Including transcript for this most necessary data!  Thanks Devon!

Stew Peters: “Effectively now we have gone forwards and backwards with fact-checkers – some impartial researchers who’ve tried to debunk the findings of Spanish researchers referred to as La Quinta Columna, initially damaged right here on the Stew Peters Present by Dr. Jane Ruby. That video revealing that graphene oxide, a poisonous substance – a poison! was discovered within the Pfizer vaccines. These researchers later discovered that the identical utilized to Moderna and AstraZeneca, is now being examined on account of our reporting. The reality is right here.

USA At this time and Lead Tales, all funded by the cabal, have been throughout me, throughout Dr. Jane Ruby, and out and out calling us liars for reporting these findings to the world in a video that has now soared over effectively I take into consideration 1,000,000 views on Rumble.

Now we have sought the enter of many medical specialists, world-renowned medical doctors, Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Dr. David Martin, they’ve all confirmed that report. However regardless of all of that affirmation, the assaults on our fact proceed.

On twitter, you will have lately been following the hashtag ‘pfizerleak’ [#pfizerleak]. We wish to know what’s in them. We wish to know if it was pre-planned. Who’s behind all of it. We wish to know what to imagine, so at present we’re going to get the affirmation that we’d like.

It’s exhausting to fact-check paperwork. It’s exhausting to fact-check publicly discoverable propriotary elements. It’s exhausting to fact-check Karen Kingston. She is a former Pfizer worker, presently an analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical gadget industries.

Karen, thanks a lot for being right here. We actually respect your bravery. We admire your want to reveal the reality behind what seems to be, to me at the very least, one of the, if not THE most, evil agenda mankind has ever been topic to.”

Karen Kingston @1:50: “Effectively, thanks for giving me a platform to share my findings and to unfold the reality. And also you’re proper, this can be very troublesome to seek out this data and hyperlink it collectively. I do have a novel set of expertise, that is what I do within the trade; I analyse mental property, the authorized panorama, for each physicians, pharma and shoppers, after which I’m additionally a scientific author and do the medical evaluation as effectively. So you may’t count on everybody to have that ability set to seek out this data, and the reality is I’m – you realize, the entire do your individual analysis was born out of the truth that the mainstream media has been mendacity to us and massive tech and social media have been blocking the reality. And that’s why folks have needed to do their very own analysis.
And that’s – that violates our first modification.”

SP: “Is graphene oxide in these photographs?”

KK: “100% it’s, and it’s irrefutable.”

Stew Peters @2:38: “So, simply lay it on the market. Is graphene oxide in these photographs?”

Karen Kingston: “100% it’s, and it’s irrefutable. And I’ll stroll you thru it.
So, what’s actually necessary to know is that the entire mRNA vaccines comprise what’s referred to as a PEGylated lipid nanoparticle. And that’s what we’re going to undergo. So in case you check out the Moderna patent, it says, proper there, that this incorporates lipid nanoparticle formulation. And as you undergo the patent, which I’ll present you, they particularly speak about numerous elements and numerous PEGylated formulations which have alpha-numeric codes. After which you can even discover them within the filings with the FDA with the IND [investigational new drug] and part 3 trials for each Moderna and Pfizer. And you can even discover them, you realize, throughout the pond with the UK filings. I hope that’s making sense to this point.

So right here’s the necessary factor concerning the patent. I learn the patent; it’s 193 pages plus attachments. And I learn the patent to search for graphene oxide. It isn’t listed within the patent as a result of it’s a commerce secret. So bear in mind Invoice Gates saying that there was a commerce secret? Commerce secrets and techniques aren’t, you realize, aware of the general public, in order that they can’t be within the patent. So graphene oxide will not be listed within the patent, and it lists all the things BUT that. However I’m nonetheless going to point out you proof that these comprise graphene oxide and the patent in China that exhibits they comprise graphene oxide.”

Stew Peters: “So let me simply ask you, why would they put each different ingredient on the patent, apart from the standalone, graphene oxide? Why would they not put that on there?”
Karen Kingston: “I’d say the primary cause is as a result of it’s toxic to people and well-known that it’s toxic to people.

Yeah, and the opposite cause is as a result of it’s the major ingredient in hydrogel, which is the liquid, you realize, AI template that’s used for a few of Elon Musk’s, you realize, analysis and Invoice Gates, so far as that creating an interface between people and, you realize, the web, if you’ll.”
Stew Peters: “So there’s a reliable idea that these photographs are literally designed to create some kind of connectivity between people, 5G – no matter that is, controlling your ideas, your recollections, all of this stuff, I imply, these are real looking and believable potentialities?”

Idea: People as guinea pigs | Injecting folks with as a lot graphene oxide as doable earlier than they die.

Karen Kingston @4:56: “That’s not doable with this spherical. They rushed this factor out. They’re simply seeing, you realize, how a lot they’ll put into folks earlier than they die, I believe, actually.”

Stew Peters: “So this can be a dose discovering research? Principally a stay dose discovering research, and people which might be dying or a number of sclerosis, Guillan-Barre, these tremors, the magnetism, all this stuff – “
Karen Kingston: “Effectively bear in mind, we’re presupposed to get boosters each 6 months. So we’re gonna get graphene oxide boosters each 6 months, to see how a lot we will construct up within the system. We’ll undergo this, as a result of while you see the nations which might be being injected, we’re the guinea pigs, you realize, and so as soon as they excellent this know-how, I believe there’s a second plan. I really am not tremendous comfy speaking about these things, as a result of I don’t wish to, you realize, opinions on issues, you realize, and hypothesize, so I’d reasonably simply stick with the info, if that’s okay.

So in case you check out chemical and engineering information, there’s these non peer-reviewed journals, we name them RAGS within the trade, each trade has it. And it’s principally, you realize, the whales of the trade, the who’s who, and so they simply type of brag about what they’re doing. So this text talks concerning the PEGylated lipid nanoparticles which might be in all of the COVID-19 vaccines. And there’s 4 lipids. And I’ll go over this.

So the primary lipid is ldl cholesterol, and that’s, our physique loves ldl cholesterol, it makes it undergo the blood. Then there’s a phospholipid; the phospholipid adheres to the cell membrane, so that enables permeability to enter the cell membrane. There’s an ionizable lipid, so that provides it a constructive ionic cost to assist penetrate the mRNA to get into the cell. After which there’s the PEGylated lipid.
And so the rationale why they created these is as a result of mRNA may be very unstable. Whether or not it’s artificial or zoonic, which suggests it’s from an animal, you realize, or a human. It’s very unstable. 80 diploma climate kills it. Daylight kills it. If you happen to breathe on it, it dies. I imply, and researchers all say this.

It’s simply – it hardly ever will get previous the nasopharynx space of any wholesome particular person. It simply – you realize, your saliva kills it. It can’t survive by itself, so it wanted this sort of biosphere that they created for it. And that’s why now we have these 4 lipids after which they put the graphene oxide.

Now what’s attention-grabbing concerning the graphene oxide is that it’s 4,000 occasions stronger than titanium, and might stand up to seventeen hundred diploma fahrenheit temperature. So we took this very unstable virus, single helix virus, and we made it indestructible. Or “we”… they made it indestructible. So the PEGylated lipids, in case you have a look, it’s ‘peg’: PEG, they’re made by an organization referred to as SINOPEG, which is [SINOPEG], and so they’re positioned in China.

Now, how did I discover this out? Effectively in case you check out the Pfizer EUA submitting, they record the 4 lipids – they’ve 2 lipids, every of which have 4 lipids of them in there, and so does Moderna. And Moderna’s is known as – it’s referred to as a Materials Security Information Sheet, that is what they use in industrial merchandise. And it has a solid quantity, and there’s is SM102 for Moderna; after which in case you go to Pfizer’s submitting with the UK, the quantity – the two lipids which might be in there, are referred to as ALC0315 and ALC0159.

So, after I googled MSDS solid, don’t ask how I do know all this data, and I put in a few of these numbers, I discovered SINOPEG. I didn’t discover SINOPEG by googling SINOPEG. I actually put within the MSDS quantity. And so in case you go to the web site, you’ll see the, you realize, extraordinarily lengthy, like I don’t know, hundred alpha-numeric identify of every of those lipids. And also you’ll see it underneath a tab referred to as COVID-19 Excipients. And it says ‘polyethylene glycol PEG 2000’, proper? After which right here you’ll see it’s ALC0159, and this firm is positioned in China. After which in case you pull from the patent, from the Moderna patent, it lists out all of the totally different polyethylene glycol 200, PEG 200, PEG 2,000, and you can find these listed underneath the COVID-19 Excipients in SINOPEG.

So… it’s proper there. It’s manufactured in China. And so, there’s different vaccines which might be mRNA vaccines that aren’t being offered in america. You’ll find these excipients right here too, by the solid quantity, the Materials Security Information Sheet solid quantity. Graphene oxide as a conductor of electrical energy | “constructive cost annihilates something that it is available in contact with”

Karen Kingston @9:15: And so if you wish to know what’s graphene, you realize, what they clarify right here on SINOPEG, is, it’s the ‘core-shell construction polyethylene glycol functionalized graphene for energy-storage polymer dielectrics: mixed mechanical and dielectric performances’.
So what which means is that graphene is a conductor – it may be a conductor of electrical energy. If it has a constructive cost, and that is in all of the – a number of the research from the NIH and Moderna and stuff, if graphene will get a constructive cost, it annihilates something that it is available in contact with. Proper now they’re not charged. They’re neutralized.

You understand, effectively like, how does a constructive cost get into the cell? That’s that different lipid. That ionizable lipid that provides it the constructive cost for cell penetration. However these presently aren’t – they’re impartial, they’ve a impartial area. But when they’re, if there’s {an electrical} magnetic area that prompts a constructive cost, doubtlessly there’ll be harm and doubtlessly demise, relying on the place these nanoparticles ended up in folks’s our bodies and the way a lot of them did.”

Stew Peters: “So it’s obvious to me that they’re mendacity, to the world. (Karen Kingston: “Yeah.”) They’re making an attempt to cover this; that is the key ingredient. Lead Tales, USA At this time, and all these different publications fact-checking this program, it seems to me that they’re out and out mendacity. We’re going to get to who’s in on all of this in a minute, as a result of I’m going to ask you, however, why are they utilizing this graphene oxide? It’s a poisonous substance, it’s toxic. Why would – why are they utilizing it?”

Karen Kingston: “As a result of it’s an awesome conductor of electrical energy and it will possibly host magnetic area. So it will possibly actually – it will possibly join you to the web. That’s why.”

Stew Peters: “All proper. I simply needed to make it possible for I used to be clear on that. As a result of I do know that you simply’re not comfy opining opinions, issues like that, however I simply needed to ensure factually that that’s what it will possibly do, that’s what it’s able to doing.”

Karen Kingston: “Yeah, and I imply, I haven’t had the prospect, however I may most likely go into some tech publications and AI publications, and we will discover extra data on how graphene oxide is a good electromagnetic – “ Graphene oxide is toxic/poisonous – Who’s chargeable for it being within the vaccines?

Stew Peters @11:24: “Effectively the underside line is that it’s toxic. It’s toxic
(Karen Kingston: “It’s toxic.”)
– it annihilates if it has a constructive cost; it annihilates something that it comes into contact with. It’s poisonous for people, it shouldn’t be in there and it’s. That’s what I wanted to know. Who’s behind this? That’s what I’d wish to know. Who’s behind all of this?”

Karen Kingston: “Effectively, I don’t… so, maintain on, I didn’t put this in right here however, there’s an organization referred to as Shanghai Nanotech, and so they filed a patent, and you’ll – for graphene oxide for the use in COVID-19 excipients, and this can be a assembly of them at their headquarters and that appears like, I believe his identify is Tal Zaks, the chief know-how officer for Moderna, and in case you go to the World Well being Group web site, there’s a web page the place they speak about how the worldwide world must work collectively on these COVID-19 vaccines.

It’s from a while final yr. And also you’ll see the same old suspects there. You’ll see like Peter Daszak and the names from Moderna and several other names from the NIH and NIAID, so… there’s a giant group of billionaires and millionaires, many many occasions over which have coordinated for the event and execution of those merchandise.”

Stew Peters: “So that you realizing this, you bringing this affirmation, why would the – I assume, I imply that is opinion, so you may simply inform me in case you’re not comfy answering this, however I gotta ask, why would folks like President Trump, Ron DeSantis, Sean Hannity, what have they got in – what stake within the sport have they got? How do they not know these things? They’ve – I imply…”
Makes an attempt to reveal these vaccines as bioweapons are silenced/censored.

Karen Kingston @13:05: “No, there’s no approach they’ll know these things. I wish to be…[long pause], after I – sorry, after I came upon, after I learn this data, I didn’t know a lady may cry as exhausting as I cried. So I despatched an electronic mail out on Might twenty sixth, to about 30 retailers with this data; I despatched an electronic mail summarizing that these are bioweapons. I even spoke to – and I don’t imply to be disparaging to anyone, I even spoke to American Frontline Docs and stuff and after I spoke to them, you realize, a number of the medical doctors nonetheless went on saying, “Oh, so long as you’re – in case you’re underneath 30 you shouldn’t get the vaccine.”

And I referred to as them up and I’m like, “What the hell are you doing? These are bioweapons.” They’re like, “We are able to’t say that.“ So the cognitive dissonance of the depravity and the evil of those “vacc” – injections, may be very troublesome for anybody to know. And it’s important to additionally perceive that for the entire yr and a half these have been being developed, anybody that got here out and stated, “Hey, this virus isn’t that unhealthy”, they have been mocked, they have been ridiculed, they have been ostracized, medical doctors have been threatened to have their license taken away. So the reality couldn’t get on the market. After which when folks, anybody that was questioning concerning the pace for any of those vaccines to market, the necessity for them, even the FDA paperwork, they speak about “Hey, we don’t suppose somebody underneath 18 ought to get this stuff. We’re fearful about viral shedding.” If you happen to present this like right here – the manufacturing part of the appliance is redacted!

Nobody in good conscience ought to have accredited this. However there’s such brainwashing occurring, such management of what principally the large tech needed us to know as “the reality”, which was a bunch of lies, that it’s very troublesome then for when somebody says to you, “that is what’s occurring”, to imagine it.

I’d evaluate it to anybody that’s been in a wedding the place they’d a partner that was dishonest on them. Your pals can let you know they’re dishonest, there’s tons of proof, however you aren’t going to imagine it. You’re not going to imagine all of your trusted – all of your trusted advisors have been telling you these things is secure, all the things on the media says it’s secure, after which somebody says “No. It’s really deadly, and this can be a deliberate, you realize, deliberate genocide.” It’s not possible to imagine.

Stew Peters: “Wow.”

Karen Kingston: “Does that make sense?”
Questioning folks’s complicity with these agendas

Stew Peters @15:25: “Yeah, and, you realize, I’m simply, I’m having a tough time. I imply, actually, I imply, I’m a human. You understand. And so simply realizing those that have subjected themselves to this inoculation; realizing how exhausting, how troublesome it’s to have a dialog with any individual, doing what I do, downloading to my mind, terabytes of data, each single day. Attempting to find out what’s actual, what’s not, what’s mis- and what’s dis-information? Who’s deep state, who’s making an attempt to throw me off, who’s managed opposition?

You understand, I imply it actually – it occurs. It seems like some type of a sci-fi film, however you’re residing in it, so that you perceive. I’m simply making an attempt to course of all of this as you’re saying it. And I’m imagining, you realize, folks within the media. You understand, I’m imagining, you realize, those that they don’t perceive that there are billions of lives at stake, or perhaps they do, which makes it even worse. As a result of they’re complicit on this. They’re a part of this – the carrying on of this.

After which, I take into consideration all people who’s going to be mandated; these photographs. Um, pay attention, I’ve – Karen, I acquired an electronic mail this morning. I acquired an electronic mail this morning from a really involved mom, of a younger lady, who’s going to be attending a Christian school in South Carolina. They usually’re going to mandate this factor for her. 18 yr outdated younger lady along with her whole life forward of her. And she or he’s simply certainly one of hundreds of thousands of tales like this which might be taking place right here on this nation. What we’re doing to our younger folks. Poisoning them.

And so, then you definitely acquired healthcare employees. I imply, I’ve a dozen emails within the final 48 hours from nurses, healthcare employees, medical doctors, people who find themselves working at these amenities, in these clinics at these hospitals which might be going to be mandated this. They don’t wish to do it, they need assistance! And, you realize, the DOJ is telling all people that they’ll do that. The governors can mandate this, that companies can mandate this. And so…” “There’s no profit to your well being while you get injected;
the one factor it will possibly do is poison, hurt and kill.”

Karen Kingston @17:15: “Effectively, the DOJ – simply because somebody says one thing, particularly on this present administration, doesn’t make it true. Okay? The DOJ can say, “We suggest that is mandated. We’re saying that that is  – we mandate these vaccines.” However I, you realize, it’s a memo, I learn the memo, okay? It’s a memo that was written by Daybreak Johnsen. She’s the appearing assistant legal professional basic to the president, saying that, underneath title code 21, part 564, you may – personal corporations and native governments can mandate the vaccines underneath Emergency Use Authorization.
Her interpretation is reckless, and it has no benefit. So it’s simply an opinion. It isn’t enforceable.

Interval. You understand. And on prime of that, what’s occurred with these vaccines, or these injections, these EUA injections, not solely is all of the marketing campaign and the propaganda a bunch of lies to terrify folks into getting injected, which is a violation of human rights in and of itself, on prime of that, she doesn’t point out title code 21 in her memo, which is what this falls underneath, as a result of they violated 4 different sections of that title code underneath drug security: drug and vaccine security.

They’ve, underneath part 502, it’s false and deceptive labelling, as a result of this factor is NOT a vaccine, there’s no profit to your well being while you get injected; the one factor it will possibly do is poison, hurt and kill. So there’s false and deceptive l. It doesn’t let you know that it incorporates graphene oxide. Adulterated medicine and gadgets, it additionally violates part 501, which once more, adulterated medicine and gadgets is that if it features a toxin, which is the graphene oxide.

It additionally violates part 312.23 underneath preliminary new drug utility. So in case you undergo an IND, it’s important to show security in animals earlier than you progress on to people. They signed a letter of intent for pregnant rats. If that doesn’t make you livid, and we’re injecting pregnant girls? And underneath the IND it says that if there’s shedding, if there’s danger to folks of child-bearing age, then it is advisable to cease the trial.

We KNOW there’s shedding. We KNOW there’s danger to child-bearing age. And the FDA even talks about it of their protein remedy and oncolytic virus that remedies that shedding is an actual factor and it is advisable to do animal research first, then it is advisable to do part 1 human research, and if there’s, you realize, if there’s shedding, then it is advisable to provide you with managed measures so that you simply don’t infect the un-injected. Which is what’s occurring proper now. Additionally they violate part 312.42, which is medical analysis holds and request for modifications. So that claims if any of this stuff, I stated, there’s at the very least 3 dozen, it is advisable to cease the trials.”
Distinction between trials of the previous, and the COVID injections

Stew Peters @20:08: “Trials have been stopped when 25 folks die; when 6 beagle canine die.”
Karen Kingston: “They have been presupposed to have stopped the trials after they did the mice research, and all of the mice – 80% died in 24 hours, and the remainder died by the top of the week.  […] They need to’ve stopped the trials – “

Stew Peters: “However there isn’t a threshold right here. Is there? I imply – that’s the underside line. There isn’t any threshold. It doesn’t matter how many individuals die, they may proceed this incessant push, received’t they?”

Karen Kingston: “Till American folks communicate up, and say ‘Sufficient is sufficient. Cease it!’ They’ll hold pushing us till, you realize, they principally wipe out America. They usually’re going after the kids. Which is what’s so disheartening. There’s a – there can be no posterity. There can be no America. You understand, if folks of child-bearing age develop into infertile, after which kids are at most danger for having severe hostile occasions and demise from these injections. I imply, simply take a look at the myocarditis numbers. They’re 1 to 25,000 reported, we all know that’s at the very least 10%, which might be 1 in 2500, and it’s most likely extra like 1 in 250, which might be 4% of youngsters are getting – having many years taken off their life or dying.

Stew Peters: “I’m up in opposition to a tough break. And I’ve to go. Will you come again on this program? As a result of, we’re devoted to the reality. You’re a wealth of data, and I’ve acquired so many extra questions that I want to proceed this dialog with you. Will you promise to come back again? I imply, are you comfy with doing that?”

Karen Kingston: “Oh yeah! No, I’d like to be on. If I’m not comfy answering your query I’ll simply say that I’m not comfy answering the query. I’m okay with saying that.”
Stew Peters: “Yeah, as a result of I imply I’ve so many extra, and I do know that there’s going to be pouring out of questions on my social media and my DMs and my proton-mail, ‘please ask her this’. And so I simply wish to reserve the long run alternative to have that dialog with you.”

Karen Kingston: “Completely. And I despatched you lots of the paperwork from the FDA web site and the patent workplace and – “

Stew Peters: “We’re going to put up all of these at stewpeters.television. Karen Kingston, thanks a lot.”

Karen Kingston: “Put all of it up there. And, I do, I drafted letters to healthcare associations, and I’ve simply been so busy, however clearly after speaking to you I’ll end these letters at present, so that folks can ship them to their employer and so they can ship them to their college, they’ll ship them to healthcare suppliers saying that, you realize, I’ve the correct to knowledgeable consent. I’m not saying it’s going to cease them from getting fired. However what’s going to occur is ultimately justice will prevail and our structure at all times prevails, and you should have proof that they’ll’t, they’ll’t plausibly deny that they didn’t know this data.”

Stew Peters: “I imagine that to be a 100% true, and I respect your optimism as a result of that’s what I’m making an attempt to carry on to right here as effectively. Unbelievable. Thanks a lot for being right here. Actually respect it. The Stew Peters Present continues in 60 seconds. Go nowhere.”

Stew Peters @22:51: “You understand what that is, proper? Quantity 2 pencil? Everyone’s acquired one. Everyone’s acquired – all people remembers filling out tests-  we must always all be filling out our ballots with these quantity 2 pencils. That’s what we must be doing. However you realize what’s within the tip of each quantity 2 pencil, proper?

Lead! Put it on paper, it turns into graphene; that’s graphite, proper? Lead! They wish to inject you with lead. Lead is toxic. Graphene oxide is toxic. Graphite is toxic. That is – they wish to inject your kids with lead!

‘Oh, but it surely’s just a bit bit, Stew. It’s just a bit bit. Don’t fear about it. Just a bit – only a tiny little little bit of lead.’ Keep in mind after they needed to inject the world with just a bit tiny little bit of mercury? It’s not going to – the purpose is, it’s not going to cease, until you cease it. I cease it. Until WE cease it. And you may. It doesn’t matter what weight, it doesn’t matter what muscle they arrive at you with; the federal authorities – blablabla, propaganda this –

No! They can’t mandate this. Mandates are NOT authorized, not at work, not at college, nowhere! They don’t seem to be authorized; they can not pressure you to inject your self or your kids with this poison! Please! Share that video in all places. Now we have as soon as once more been vindicated.

So USA At this time, Lead Tales, Politico, all these different folks you – in case you google Stew Peters and click on on information, you’ll see proper now, “No graphene oxide!” We confirmed it within the phase. What are they going to do? Redact? Retract? Appropriate? I don’t suppose so. Say ‘NO’. Don’t enable them to do that to you or your children.”
(finish of transcript)

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