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(SIDE NOTE:  DO NOT USE COLLAGEN!!  IT IS MADE FROM ABORTED BABIES. I realized that after I was promoting cosmetics.)

On this two half present on SGT Report, Tivon and Hope from do a full presentation on Graphene Oxide, 5G and Covid. Watch the presentation at this hyperlink:

Beneath are in depth notes, hyperlinks and backup documentation referenced within the presentation:


September 2021 SGT Present Presentation

-Graphene Oxide Defined. They’re attempting to kill you with a 160 yr previous poison.
Graphene vs. Graphene Oxide- why its vital to know the distinction
How is Graphene Oxide made?
What can Graphene Oxide Do? Its distinctive properties is why they put it in every little thing.
-Graphene Oxide is the primary ingredient in DARPA Hydrogels
-What’s within the Covid photographs? GO, Metal, Parasites and extra: New Pictures
-Graphene Flagship. The cash and energy behind the agenda.
-Earlier than Covid, a research was performed: How a lot GO can they put in a human earlier than deadly?
-Graphene Oxide within the PCR checks, within the masks, within the water provide and in chemtrails.
-How Graphene Oxide works with 5G

-Spike Proteins, Graphene Oxide, Covid Pictures Defined
-Well being issues of Graphene Oxide
-Its the identical signs! GO poisoning, EMF Radiation Illness, Covid
-Magnetism in those that obtained the photographs defined. It’s the graphene oxide and different nanotech.
-Connection between 5G rollouts and the Covid Variants
-How you can get graphene oxide out of your physique
-Orgone Vitality, EMF safety and Graphene Oxide

We’re Christians, Engineers and Scientists. We really feel it’s our calling to assist inform individuals in regards to the expertise that’s getting used towards Gods creation. We’ve been monitoring the information on 5G, Covid Vaccine associated points in order that we are able to current them in a condensed abstract to tell the general public.

“I’ll give thee the treasures of darkness, the hidden riches of the key locations…” Isaiah 45:3
FORBIDDEN TECH: The entire information to vitality, social, and organic applied sciences that they didn’t need you to learn about. (2017) www.FORBIDDENTECH.WEBSITE

Handmade merchandise orgone and shungite for EMF safety. Made by us in our workshop in Morocco. WWW.FTWPROJECT.COM

On-line engineering academy for the co-development of researching and constructing DIY off grid vitality gadgets. WWW.CLEANENERGYACADEMY.COM


-Has the fundamental image of  C and an atomic variety of 6

-Carbon-12 (certainly one of two steady isotopes) consists of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons in all numerous natural compounds and has the bizarre means to kind polymers at generally encountered temperatures on earth

-4th most ample ingredient within the observable universe & fifteenth most ample within the Earth’s crust

-It’s the second most ample ingredient within the human physique by mass (about 18.5%) after oxygen.

-It’s readily in a position to bond with different carbon atoms to kind allotropes with distinctive properties, a type of the ingredient that has a distinctly completely different molecular construction to a different type of the identical ingredient. Bodily and electrical properties are decided by completely different structural modifications of the identical ingredient alone! (instance diamond vs. graphite)

-Carbon kinds huge quantity of compounds, greater than some other ingredient ( about 10 million compounds so far, each natural; limestones, dolomites & CO2 and inorganic; coal, peat, oil, and so on.) Thus, carbon has been known as the “King of Parts”

Word: Carbon nanotubes might or might not comprise graphene

What’s Graphene:

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms, tightly certain in a honeycomb lattice. It’s an allotrope of carbon.

Found in 2004 when researchers at College of Manchester remoted a single airplane of graphite (graphene) utilizing a form of scotch tape. This 2D materials revealed properties that lend to quite a lot of functions in electronics, distant sensing, medication, quantum computing:

    • It’s stronger than diamond but versatile and clear
    • Graphene conducts warmth and electrical energy and superconductor efficiencies!
    • Its digital properties make it extremely delicate to the absorption of molecules resembling CO, NO, NO2, and NH3. Analysis has indicated that this sensitivity may be elevated by 100 fold with addition of Boron.
    • Graphene has made potential the event of electron-spin primarily based quantum computing. Many sorts of graphene elements are in growth to check varied quantum computing qubit fashions.
    • Water filtration and purification (extremely absorbant utilized in oil spill cleanups at solely a fraction of the burden)
    • Revolutionary supercapacitor expertise and antimicrobial gadgets utilizing laser etching fabrication
    • Strengthen completely different composites together with human bone implants
    • Magnetically-driven nano-scale human bio-sensor and graphene micro-motor drug supply analysis–video “Graphene micromotors spin ahead”
    • Strongly electrically and mechanically reactive to exterior electrostatic and RF radiation (Teslaphoresis)video “Nanotubes assemble rice introduces Teslaphoresis”
video image video image


Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces Teslaphoresis   1 yr, 4 months in the past

  • Graphene synthesis in bulk remains to be difficult regardless that it may be made by the storage researcher utilizing Laser-Induced Technique or Flash methodology. High quality of Graphene fabrication is proportional to the price, however is an unregulated market and open to lack of high quality management and fraud

What’s Graphene Oxide?

Graphene oxide (GO) is and oxidized type of graphene with oxygen molecules (ie. OH, CO, COOH, HO, and so on.) hooked up on the floor (known as purposeful teams).

Found in 1859

“Oops” they forgot to wash the Wikipedia web page

That is why they don’t need to disclose what’s within the photographs.

Why Graphene Oxide is Used within the Bio-Medical Business
(regardless that it shouldn’t be):

The kind of oxygen-based molecules hooked up to graphene oxide determines its distinctive properties and performance to the graphene lattice, and why it has been researched within the biotech business.

Graphene oxide manufacturing is comparatively simpler to provide on massive scales in comparison with graphene. It accommodates semi-conducting properties proportional to the extent of oxidation of the graphene oxide. It’s hydrophilic (interested in water) and has good dispersibility in an aqueous setting.

The kind of oxygen-based molecules hooked up to graphene oxide determines its distinctive properties and performance to the graphene lattice, and why it has been researched within the biotech business.

Graphene oxide manufacturing is comparatively simpler to provide on massive scales in comparison with graphene. It accommodates semi-conducting properties proportional to the extent of oxidation of the graphene oxide. It’s hydrophilic (interested in water) and has good dispersibility in an aqueous setting.

Functions for Graphene and Graphene Oxide embrace:

Water filtration

Covalent functionalization (medicine, polymers, fluorescent tags)

Bio-devices, biosensors, human tissue scaffolds, drug supply and gene remedy vectors

Vitality Storage for ultracapacitors and batteries cathode/dielectric interface

Enhanced fluid separation for passive porous membrane filters

Claimed GO reveals wonderful DNA absorption properties and ‘biocompatiblity’. DNA binding to GO is discovered to be very steady and reversible. 6 – (conflicting research)

Properties of Graphene Oxide
(or why they’re REALLY utilizing it in Bio-Medical Business)

-Stimulated / managed by EMF frequencies, particularly these present in 5G
-multiplies when electronically stimulated
-passes by the blood mind barrier
– extraordinarily sturdy
-can be used to control neural pathways within the mind.

That is what graphene Oxide does when it’s stimulated by EMF. That is what they’re placing in your physique.

Graphene Oxide is the primary ingredient utilized in Hydrogels. Hydrogels are developed by DARPA and used within the Covid Vaccines.

A Navy-Funded Biosensor May Be the Way forward for Pandemic Detection

Article describing how DARPA is creating hydrogels to make use of with Covid-19 detection.  Hydrogels being “a fabric whose community of polymer chains is utilized in some contact lenses and different implants. Inserted beneath the pores and skin with a syringe, the string features a specifically engineered molecule that sends a fluorescent sign exterior of the physique when the physique begins to battle an an infection. The opposite half is an digital element hooked up to the pores and skin. It sends mild by the pores and skin, detects the fluorescent sign and generates one other sign that the wearer can ship to a health care provider, web site, and so on. It’s like a blood lab on the pores and skin that may choose up the physique’s response to sickness earlier than the presence of different signs, like coughing.”

This research from the Polymer Journal reveals how Graphene-oxide is profitable for gene supply, which is strictly what Moderna and Pfizer merchandise declare to do.

Graphene oxide-incorporated hydrogels for biomedical functions


Graphene and graphene derivatives (e.g., graphene oxide (GO)) have been included into hydrogels to enhance the properties (e.g., mechanical power) of standard hydrogels and/or develop new features (e.g., electrical conductivity and drug loading/supply). Distinctive molecular interactions between graphene derivatives and varied small or macromolecules allow the fabrication of varied purposeful hydrogels applicable for various biomedical functions. On this mini-review, we spotlight the current progress in GO-incorporated hydrogels for biomedical functions whereas specializing in their particular makes use of as mechanically sturdy supplies, electrically conductive scaffolds/electrodes, and high-performance drug supply autos.

Graphene Oxide has already been utilized in a Flu Vaccine

Researchers at Georgia State College and Emory College have developed an intranasal influenza vaccine utilizing recombinant hemagglutinin (HA), a protein discovered on the floor of influenza viruses, because the antigen element of the vaccine.

Additionally they created a two-dimensional nanomaterial (polyethyleneimine-functionalized graphene oxide nanoparticles) and located that it displayed potent adjuvant (immunoenhancing) results on influenza vaccines delivered intranasally.


Graphene Oxide was discovered within the Pfizer Vaccines.

A Spanish Analysis group known as La Quinta Columna performed a research displaying what’s within the Pfizer Vaccines. They discovered graphene oxide.

Analysis Report

Official Report from the Spanish Analysis Group La Quinta Columna English Translation.

From the La Quinta Columna Report:
Slide on the left is the Pfizer Vaccine. Slide on the best is graphene oxide. The black net trying materials is graphene oxide.

From a analysis staff in Chile, by La Quinta Columna displaying that they discovered graphene oxide within the AstraZeneca vaccination trial:

From Dr. Robert Younger.  Reveals Graphene oxide, Aluminum, Stainless-steel, lipids, parasites in 4 Covid Vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZEneca, Johnson & Johnson.

This slide is a distinction displaying the same parasite in dwell human blood. This parasite, is often known as “sleeping illness” in people. Based on the CDC web site:

The signs of “sleeping illness” brought on by these parasites are:
Fever, extreme complications, irritability, excessive fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and aching muscle mass and joints are widespread signs of sleeping illness. Some individuals develop a pores and skin rash. Progressive confusion, persona modifications, and different neurologic issues happen after an infection has invaded the central nervous system. content=Feverpercent2Cpercent20severepercent20headachespercent2Cpercent20irritabilitypercent2C,invadedpercent20thepercent20centralpercent20nervouspercent20system.

With this in thoughts, it needs to be famous that Scientific American posted an article stating that they’re anticipating Covid-19 to carry a “Tsunami of Dementia”

Japan finds “Overseas Materials” in Moderna Vaccines. Recall’s 1.6 million doses.

The Japanese Ministry of Well being introduced on Thursday that round 1.6 million doses of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine have been taken out of use on account of contamination in some vials that ‘reacts to magnets,’ in accordance with a ministry official. A number of vaccination facilities reported discovering overseas matter within the doses.

“It’s a substance that reacts to magnets,” the official advised Nikkei, including “It may very well be steel.”  The overseas matter that ‘reacts to magnets’ is bound to revive hypothesis over the viral ‘Covid-19 vaccine magnet problem,’ through which dozens of individuals recorded magnets sticking to their vaccine injection websites.

That is what Moderna inventory did after the Japanese Authorities announcement:


After graphene was invented, which was awarded a nobel prize, the European Union established the Graphene Flagship which was a 1 Billion Euro apprised to fund all analysis associated to Graphene and most of which was devoted to the bio-medical area.

The Graphene Flagship:
A undertaking that includes over 150 educational and industrial facilities in Europe in 20 international locations. They declare that graphene oxide is the chemical of the long run. It will be in every little thing.

Graphene Oxide well being hazards in relation to oxidative stress, cytotoxicity and irritation have been raised in scientific symposiums as early as 2016. Video “Mobile Responses to Graphene Oxide Sheets”

On this video, Dr. Sandra Vranic from the Nanomedicine Lab College of Medical and Human Sciences & Nationwide Graphene Institute College of Manchester, UK offers a presentation titled “Mobile Responses to Graphene Oxide Sheets” Impact of Lateral Dimension and the Oxidative Stress Paradigm.

They performed checks on graphene-oxide and its results on human cells. Particularly, it was a dosage discovering research to see how a lot graphene-oxide they’ll put in a human physique earlier than it turns into poisonous. The chart of measurement used reveals three tiers: an anti-oxidant response, an inflammatory response and a cytotoxicity response. See chart under for display photographs of the presentation.

It is a direct correlation to what Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer worker and present analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical gadget industries mentioned on the Stew Peters present when referencing Graphene Oxide and Covid-Vaccines:

“This (Covid Vaccine Marketing campaign) is actually a dose discovering research. They rushed this factor out to see how a lot of this they’ll put into individuals earlier than they die. Keep in mind we’re purported to get boosters, graphene-oxide boosters each six months to see how a lot they’ll construct up within the system”

From “Lethal Pictures! Former Pfizer Worker Confirms Poison in Covid Vaccine”

The video from the CLINAM convention offers credit score to the Graphene Flagship for the research.

This video is initially on Youtube on the following hyperlink:
Simply in case Youtube deletes the video, which they’re in all probability going to do since it’s getting a lot consideration for its publicity round Covid vaccines, we now have uploaded it to a personal hyperlink that you could watch

After Covid hit, the feedback beneath the video exploded with unbiased residents issues because of the discovery of Graphene Oxide discovered within the Covid-19 vaccines.

From the feedback part:


On April 2, 2021 Well being Canada acknowledged the presence of graphene nano particles contained in the Face Masks allegedly to guard our well being in addition to forestall the unfold of the “lethal virus”.

Nanotechnology-derived Graphene in Face Masks — Now There Are Security Issues

Warnings of potential “early pulmonary toxicity” related to graphene-containing face masks elevate critical questions over security checks and balances.

Notes from La Quinta Columna Staff Analysis


The masks have graphene oxide in them. For the primary yr, masks contained nanotechnology with graphene had been utilized by the general public at massive.   It was a yr later just lately that the Canadian Ministry prohibited the sale of masks containing graphene. This information reached Spain and there was a recall of hundreds of thousands of masks. (which leads us to imagine that it was the masks that was inflicting the graphene poisoning labeled “Covid” to start with earlier than the “vaccines” had been launched the place now they inject the poison instantly into the vein.


They put graphene within the PCR check. Graphene particles are within the cotton a part of the swab. Nanografi a Turkish firm which develops intranasal aerosol vaccines utilizing graphene oxide particles can be creating PCR checks with graphene nano expertise. The PCR check is what they use to introduce a poisonous substance that may later trigger the illness.

What’s within the PCR Exams? Graphene Oxide Present in COVID Pictures, Masks and Swabs

And unbiased check on PCR swabs in Slovakia discovered Darpa Patented Hydrogel, lithium and nylon within the swabs.
”After spawning a mix of nylon fiber fragments, Darpa Hydrogel stays on the nasal mucosa beneath the pituitary and pineal gland together with lithium. This combination instantly reacts with dwelling constructions to kind crystals which can be directionally oriented to the pineal gland, which has its personal electromagnetic discipline. The form of the crystals determines the kind of hydrogel used. The crystals are conductive because of the lithium contained in it. The crystals can obtain the sign from the transmitter to the cell and transmit indicators from the cell to the transmitter. These are literally nano-antennas.”


Greg Reese has simply come out together with his personal quick piece in regards to the black strands reported to be seen on medical masks and COVID check swabs. He’s discovered that these strands mimic the “theragripper” expertise developed at Johns Hopkins College, as seen in an article printed by Johns Hopkins final October.

Theragrippers don’t depend on electrical energy, wi-fi indicators or exterior controls. “As an alternative, they function like small, compressed springs with a temperature-triggered coating on the gadgets that releases the saved vitality autonomously at physique temperature,” stated Professor David Gracias, Ph.D., who led a staff of biomedical engineers that designed and examined the shape-changing microdevices that mimic the way in which the parasitic hookworm affixes onto intestinal mucosa, to launch medicine into the physique.

To which Reese feedback, “The masks fibers’ response to human breath may simply be described as spring-like. And whereas one is carrying the masks, the fibers can be springing in in the direction of their mouths, as they breathe, as if the masks had been a supply system for hidden theragrippers loaded with medicine, able to be launched into the host’s bloodstream.

“The identical spring-like fibers may be discovered within the masks and within the COVID-19 check swabs. Below magnification, the check swab seems to have glass-like fibers. In a single experiment, the PCR check swab was rubbed towards a bit of uncooked meat, to roughly emulate the dwelling tissue in inside our nasal cavity and several other of the glass-like fibers deeply penetrated themselves into the flesh. Is that this taking place inside our nasal cavities after we are being examined? https://forbiddenknowledgetv.internet/greg-reese-big-pharmas-rape-of-mankind/

Graphene Oxide being discovered within the Jabs in accordance with Vaccine Patents

Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer worker and present analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical gadget industries, got here ahead with indeniable documentation. Karen has uncovered a “chain of custody” or provide chain of custody of the vaccine producers that use graphene oxide. In the event you monitor down the place the drug firms that make these jabs really purchase their varied components, you then take a look at varied regulatory paperwork and suppliers and discover whats buried of their mental property and articles on their web sites that they’re basically utilizing graphene oxide together with these.

Graphene Oxide, the “Commerce Secret” within the Covid Jabs

First she was researching an article from chemical and engineering information that was bragging about the usage of pegylated lipids within the covid vaccines. “With out these lipid shells, there can be no mRNA vaccines for Covid-19” drugs/drug-delivery/With out-lipid-shells-mRNA-vaccines/99/i8

Then she went to the Pfizer EUA submitting and in addition the Moderna materials security knowledge sheet and located these identical lipids listed within the photographs. They gave these lipids reference numbers. Pfizers submitting with the UK, the quantity for the lipids is ALC0315, and ALC0159. Moderna lists them with a CAS # SM102

She then went to the MSDS websites and seemed up these CAS numbers (Materials Security Knowledge Sheet Chemical Security Database)

It was on the MSDS web site that she noticed that the corporate Sinopeg was the corporate manufacturing these Pegylated lipids for the Covid Vaccines.

On the Sinopeg web site they record these lipids beneath the auspices of “Covid-19 Excipients” additionally they have articles on their web site speaking about how they do work with graphene oxide. (different firms do the identical factor as they’re all a part of the Graphene Flagship-a Billion Euro undertaking put collectively by the EU that funds Graphene Oxide analysis)

An organization known as Shanghai Nanotech filed a Patent that reveals that the ingredient used within the “Covid-19 Excipients” is graphene oxide.

That patent is: CN112220919A

Titled:  Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as provider

From the Summary on the Patent:

“The brand new corona vaccine accommodates graphene oxide, carnosine, CpG and new corona virus RBD; binding carnosine, CpG and neocoronavirus RBD on the spine of graphene oxide”


Elon Musk “Neural Lace” is graphene oxide. In an interview, it was introduced as much as Elon Musk that the one approach to get this neural lace into individuals is thru surgical insertion, his response was: “not essentially, you might undergo the veins and arteries”  He’s speaking in regards to the vaccine.


Article that discusses injecting graphene oxide into a particular area of the mind by injections after which concentrating on these neurons from the skin in people to cut back PTSD and anxiousness.

“Soothing the signs of hysteria with graphene oxide

Graphene oxide inhibits post-traumatic stress dysfunction.

Researchers from Graphene Flagship companions SISSA in Italy, ICN2 in Spain and the College of Manchester within the UK, in collaboration with the Ribeirão Preto Medical Faculty of the College of São Paulo, have found that graphene oxide inhibits anxiety-related behaviours in a mannequin research. They discovered that injecting graphene oxide into a particular area of the mind silences the neurons accountable for anxious behaviour…”


Graphene in Water Provide


Milestone contract for graphene expertise in water remedy
UK expertise enterprise G2O Water Applied sciences has landed its first business contract for the enhancement of water filtration membranes with graphene oxide.


Graphene Skies

Graphene and Graphene Oxides are being utilized in local weather engineering (sprayed in our skies)
Outlines one methodology of ice nucleation for climate modification translated “seeding cloud moisture with poisonous ice nucleating components with a purpose to create a floor quiet down”

Ice Nucleation Exercise of Graphene and Graphene Oxides

Patent for Climate modification methodology US 3613992 A KNollenburg Patent
Hyperlink to Patent:

FACT CHECKING WEBSITES OWN STOCK IN THE VACCINE holds $1.9 billion in Johnson & Johnson inventory. The top of the web site is the previous CDC director. is uncovered to be funded by the identical $1.9 billion vaccine foyer group that it’s purported to test. The positioning is a Fb associate whose articles are used to censor essential voices on the social media platform. It’s headed by the previous CDC director, which is once more a battle of curiosity.

The Greatest Experiment on Human Beings within the Historical past of the World!

Hidden Behind “Commerce Secret” Invoice Gates stated you may’t know what within the photographs.
Commerce secrets and techniques should not disclosed to the general public to guard mental property.
You’ll be able to’t patent one thing that 160 years previous, which is why they renamed it.

The Graphene Flagship is the Trojan Horse who’s principal goal is to get as a lot Graphene Oxide into human beings as potential with out individuals understanding what’s being injected into them.

Billions of individuals repeatedly injected with a toxic experimental substance with out their data.  That is mass homicide!

Nuremberg Code #1


How Graphene Oxide Works with 5G

Graphene oxide is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), particularly the frequencies which can be a part of the 5G spectrum.

All supplies have what is called an digital absorption band. An absorption band is a variety of wavelengths, frequencies or energies within the electromagnetic spectrum that are attribute of a specific transition from preliminary to remaining state in a substance. It is a particular frequency above which a substance is worked up and oxidizes in a short time.

Frequencies beamed at human beings which have a construct up of graphene oxide of their physique could cause the graphene oxide to multiply very quickly, breaking the stability of glutathione and inflicting a cytokine storm in a matter of hours.

That is why EMF safety and graphene oxide removing are a necessary means for you and your loved ones to battle again.


Spike Proteins, Graphene Oxide, Covid Pictures Defined

Covid Pictures – comprise mRNA which causes  your physique to turn out to be a spike protein manufacturing manufacturing unit.

Graphene Oxide- used within the photographs to encompass the mRNA in a protecting biosphere with a purpose to get it into the cells.  After it delivers this, the graphene oxide  stays within the physique and causes many illnesses and illness. It additionally multiplies when stimulated by EMF.

Spike Proteins- are being repeatedly generated in your physique because of the shot, they usually trigger many issues and illness, together with prion illness within the previous and infertility within the younger.  Additionally they trigger “shedding” of the vaxxed to the non-vaxxed. New info is coming to mild on a regular basis about what these spike proteins are doing.

Graphene Oxide is the primary ingredient in DARPA Hydrogels. It’s used within the Covid vaccines to ship the “payload” which is the mRNA into the cells. The explanation why it’s used for it’s because the mRNA could be very fragile  and dies very simply. Graphene oxide is extraordinarily sturdy and is used to create a biosphere of safety across the mRNA that permits it to be injected instantly into your cells.  It’s the mRNA that causes your physique to create spike proteins.

The spike proteins are creating many issues and illness, together with prion illness within the previous and everlasting infertility within the younger. They’re additionally inflicting the “shedding” of the vaxxed to the non-vaxxed. That is what has been found to date, however new info is coming to mild day-after-day.

The graphene oxide which has been discovered within the vaccines, the masks, the PCR checks, the water provide and the chemtrails can be inflicting many issues and illness and the signs of graphene oxide poisoning are just like the signs of Covid, and in addition radiation illness brought on by EMF and 5G.

Understand that that is all large experiment that’s clouded in secrecy and in direct violation of the Nuremburg code that prohibits experiments on people with out their knowledgeable consent. It additionally violates numerous legal guidelines on the native degree. The principle stream media controls the narrative and places out false “science” stories which can be paid for by large pharma.  Any actual analysis performed by very extremely expert docs on this discipline is censored and “debunked” by large tech and “reality checking” web sites which have been proven to personal inventory within the vaccines.

So which is it? Graphene Oxide Poisoning? Spike Proteins? Covid?

Due to the super fraud and corruption that’s operating rampant throughout this “scamdemic”  There are a number of “false positives” and misdiagnosis. This chaos has been performed on goal, to maintain the general public confused with a purpose to maintain everybody in concern and beneath management.

Its potential the PCR checks and masks deposited sufficient graphene to induce graphene oxide poisoning signs which had been then identified as “Covid”. Its potential it’s the graphene oxide within the photographs which can be inflicting the signs that are then identified as “Covid”.

Well being Issues of Graphene Oxide

Graphene is toxic to people.  Toxicity of Graphene Household Nanoparticles a normal evaluate of origins and mechanisms.

Graphene oxide has a direct impact on human neurons. They are often managed from the skin with a magnetic discipline equipment.

Graphene expertise utilizing exterior fields to self-actuate within the physique, makes it liable to over-stimulate, inflame the physique on account of background EMF radiation (4G LTE and 5G cell towers and IoT devices).

“It is a mass, uniformed, with out consent world experiment. They’ve by no means been in a position to get this into people on an experimental foundation. No human topic evaluate board would ever approve of protocols with these things in it.”

-Dr. Jane Ruby

Among the signs of Graphene Oxide

GO creates thromboses.
GO causes blood clots.
GO disrupts the immune system.
GO can set off a cytokine storm.
GO toxicity can instigate pneumonia.
GO creates a metallic style within the mouth.
GO causes irritation of the mucous membranes.
GO produces a loss within the sense of style and odor.
GO is magnetic (particularly on the injection web site.)
GO blocks cleansing within the physique by blocking glutathione.
GO could also be activated by 5G frequencies.
GO passes through the blood-brain barrier.

Graphene oxide contained in the physique causes thrombogenicity, thrombi. Graphene oxide contained in the physique causes blood clotting. Graphene oxide contained in the physique causes submit inflammatory syndrome or systemic or multi-organ inflammations. Graphene oxide contained in the physique when it’s above the degrees of glutathione —which is the physique’s pure reserve of antioxidants—, causes alteration of the immune system, collapse of the immune system and cytokine storm. Inhaled graphene oxide spreads evenly all through the alveolar tract and causes bilateral pneumonias. Inhaled graphene oxide causes irritation of the mucous membranes and thus lack of style and odor, potential lack of style and odor: anosmia.

Briefly, graphene oxide behaves precisely just like the supposed SARS-CoV-2 of the official model, producing the identical symptomatology of extreme COVID-19. When put in on the neuronal degree, it causes neurodegeneration or, in different phrases, neurological COVID-19.

Covid signs / Radiation poisoning signs / graphene oxide poisoning signs


Lack of Style and Odor:

Lack of Style and odor radiation poisoning (this occurs when most cancers sufferers obtain chemo) https://csn.most

5 issues to learn about odor and style loss in COVID-19 …

Graphene Oxide Causes Lack of Style, Odor
Inhaled graphene oxide causes irritation of the mucous membranes and thus lack of style and odor, potential lack of style and odor: anosmia.

Blood Clots

Thrombogenicity- Blood clots
Thrombosis in COVID-19 – PubMed Thrombosis in COVID-19 Thrombotic issues are frequent in COVID-19 and contribute considerably to mortality and morbidity. being/radiation-pneumonitis

Thrombus inducing property of atomically skinny graphene

There’s elevated proof from animal research that radiation induces thrombosis and that the thrombosis price is expounded to the dose.

Cytokine Storm

Cytokine Storm in Covid Sufferers

Frontiers | Radiotherapy and Cytokine Storm
Cytokine launch syndrome (CRS) has been reported after immunologic manipulations, most frequently by therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

Graphene Oxide is instantly cytotoxic to immune cells (in vitro), causes blood clots, and alters the pure immune system by depleting glutathione reserves – leading to a cytokine storm.


Results of inhalation of graphene on alveolar epithelial cells

Radiation Pneumonitis
Radiation pneumonitis is a kind of lung harm. Whereas pneumonia is brought on by micro organism or viruses, pneumonitis is brought on by an irritant, just like an allergy. being/radiation-pneumonitis

COVID-19 pneumonia is a critical sickness that may be lethal.

Neurodegeneration-Neurological Problems

Neurodegeneration is the progressive lack of construction or operate of neurons, which can in the end contain cell loss of life.Many neurodegenerative illnesses—resembling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a number of sclerosis, Parkinson’s illness, Alzheimer’s illness, Huntington’s illness, and prion illnesses—happen because of neurodegenerative processes.

Stunning Case of Neurological COVID brought on by Graphene…
What we do know, with scientific proof, is that graphene oxide is worked up in neurons. Which is exactly the purpose they’re on the lookout for simply crossing the blood-brain barrier. When inhaled, it strikes by the olfactory nerves, settles within the neurons, and causes neurodegeneration. https://www.orwell.metropolis/2021/08/neurodegeneration.html

Position of Ionizing Radiation in Neurodegenerative Ailments
Radiation can enhance many circulatory, age associated and neurodegenerative illnesses.

COVID-19 and neurological issues:

Neurological issues and coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic are two situations with a current well-documented affiliation. Intriguing evidences confirmed that COVID-19 an infection can modify scientific spectrum of manifested neurological issues but in addition it performs a vital position within the growth of future illnesses as long-tem penalties.

FDA Needs to Ban One other Pure Complement with Success in Treating Signs of COVID-19

Why the FDA is Attacking NAC Dietary supplements

Magnetism From the Pictures Defined

Magnetism after the photographs normally begins on the injection web site, however then it strikes by the physique, normally in the direction of the top.

Magnetism may be brought on by quite a lot of issues:
(none of which needs to be authorized as it’s experimenting on people)

-Graphene Oxide within the photographs – turns into magnet with contact of hydrogen within the physique

-Manipulative magnetic nanoparticles within the photographs (hyperlink to review in weblog)

-SPIONS – Superparamegnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles within the photographs
(hyperlink to review in weblog)

-EMFs stimulating within the physique no matter is within the shot

Brittany Galvin
Magnetism and Vaccine Damage
from the Moderna Shot

Heath Economist, Dr Jane Ruby, with greater than 20 years in pharmaceutical analysis joins Stew Peters to elucidate why we’re seeing these magnetic results related to the COVID injections. She explains that manipulative magnetic nanoparticles had been intentionally added to the photographs, as a result of “It’s a extra aggressive supply mechanism to get it [the mRNA that creates the spike proteins] into each cell in your physique. It’s a course of known as ‘magneto-fection’…they’re utilizing magnetic fields by completely different chemical compounds to really focus the mRNA into peoples’ cells. That is in alignment with every little thing we’ve been reporting for weeks, now. We simply know what and the way is behind these magnetic phenomena, the place persons are having this stuff are sticking to them.

“So, what it’s is a lipid nano-particle and it’s a brilliant supply system and there are locations in your physique that artificial DNA and RNA shouldn’t be going and but, this strategy forces the fabric – the mRNA encoding – to drive your cells to make, again and again, these harmful spike proteins throughout your physique. It’s really a pressured gene supply system.”

She says we’re going to listen to increasingly more about SPIONs, which stands for Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, “The place they’re placing this magnetic discipline expertise in and across the lipid-nanoparticle envelope…to get this mRNA into your cells.

“Why do they want to do this? As a result of the mRNA is so delicate, so easily-degraded – it’s one more reason why it needs to be saved, , the Pfizer shot materials must be saved not less than 70 levels Fahrenheit under zero.”

There are lots of of elements known as “polymags” which can be out there in 200-mcg vials that can be utilized to place magnetic fields round your molecules. Dr Ruby cites a German firm known as Chemicell which sells these with the next disclaimer, “‘The magno-fection reagents and all of its elements are developed, designed, supposed, bought for analysis use solely.’ And right here’s the scary half, Stew, ‘They don’t seem to be for use for human diagnostic or any drug supposed for people.’”

Dr Ruby believes Pfizer and Moderna are utilizing these substances illegally, which is against the law towards humanity and that the mechanism of those magnetized nanoparticles and reagents is what explains what we see within the chronology of Brittany Galvin’s movies, the place, at first, we see magnetic objects sticking to her injection web site and later, the objects are seen sticking to her brow and cheeks.


Engineering a Genetically Encoded Magnetic Protein Crystal

Manipulative magnetic nanomedicine: the way forward for COVID-19 pandemic/endemic remedy

Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) are a kind of MNP that present magnetic properties within the presence of an exterior magnetic discipline. content=Superparamagneticpercent20ironpercent20oxidepercent20nanoparticlespercent20percent28SPIONspercent29percent20arepercent20thepercent20most,theirpercent20uniquepercent20physicalpercent2Cpercent20chemicalpercent2Cpercent20magneticpercent20andpercent20biocompatibilitypercent20properties.

EMF’s and Magentism

Check from La Quinta Columna

Video may be seen on the following hyperlink:

This video by Ricardo Delgado from La Quinta Columna in Spain reveals and alarming results of magnetism and EMF on an individual who had 2 Pfizer photographs. First is proven that 5 neodymium magnets are sticking to the brow.  Then he takes a multimeter to measure the distinction in voltage coming from the themes head.  The voltage fluctuates and goes as much as 180mV, and generally it goes destructive. That is NOT signal. It reveals that one thing exterior of the physique is inducing these voltage fluctuations. That is being performed by everlasting radio frequencies or EMF’s that generate various electromagnetic fields. That is why generally there may be repulsion and generally extraction of magnets.

Subsequent he used a electromagnetic radiation detector pencil that had a really advantageous vary. When put near a router or energetic mobile phone it begins to beep displaying it’s detecting EMF coming from the gadget. He then places it as much as his personal head, to indicate that he himself shouldn’t be emitting EMF. Then he locations it instantly on the top of the twice jabbed Pfizer topic and it begins going off in particular areas of the top, displaying that the Pfizer Jabs make you EMIT EMF!

That is exactly what we coated in our final presentation with regard to “shedding” one concept being that the photographs had been turning people physique into EMF emitters and that’s how they had been transmitting sickness to non vaxxed individuals.

Therapies to do away with magnetism

Drug title: Suramin, however the pure title is Shikimic Acid or Shikimate. You may make your personal tea with Star Anise / Pine Needles / Fennel. Hyperlink to recipe and rationalization:

Make your personal shikimic acid (shikimate) with Star Anise; Dissolve blood clots from spike proteins 

Zinc together with NAC

Dr. Ricardo from La Quinta Columna has been treating individuals with double Pfizer photographs who’re effected with magnetism. After these dietary supplements they not have this symptom.  Hyperlink for these dietary supplements and dose suggestions: 

Correlation between 5G and the Variants

Ricardo Delgado has put forth a concept that they’re switching on 5G in sure areas to create the “variants” which can be getting used to trigger illness and shut down society.

Right here is a few Fascinating analysis that would help this concept. In the event you do varied searches to seek out out when 5G was turned on in sure areas, you get an attention-grabbing time line.

For instance NYC was first to activate 5G
Wuhan pilot metropolis
Cruise ships 5G
Lombardy Italy pilot metropolis

Extra just lately, the UK switched on 5G in 9 coastal cities with a purpose to prepare for the summer time vacation makers. This was on June 4. One week later the “Delta variant” hit the UK and shut down journey.

5G experimental community turned on in France Finish of June.

Shortly after the Delta wave peaks in France

To do this type of analysis for your self you may observe the newest articles on the place they’re turning on 5G on the following web site: After which search for the place the primary stream information narrative posted tales about “variants”, “outbreaks” and “waves”.

Research Show Connection Between 5G and COVID-19 Signs

What’s the impact of 5G on people? Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D, sought to reply that query. Dr. Havas “in contrast the typical variety of instances, deaths, and checks for covid-19 per million inhabitants in states with and with out 5G.”

Hyperlink to Dr. Magda Havas Examine:

Dr. Havas discovered that the standardized testing for states with and with out 5G was related. However he found an actual distinction in COVID-19 instances per million inhabitants for these states that deployed 5G. Dr. Havas discovered that “Covid-19 instances per million are 95% larger and covid-19 deaths per million are 126% larger in states with 5G.”

Covid-19 instances, deaths and checks standardized for inhabitants density (knowledge courtesy of A. Tsiang).

A Spanish research proved that international locations with 5G had 220% extra COVID-19 infections than international locations that had not deployed 5G.

Hyperlink to review translated into English

Covid Deaths linked to 5G Publicity

Stranger than Fiction did a video that confirmed a comparability of 5G community maps in a number of completely different international locations with the Covid outbreak instances. It was discovered that almost all of Covid was present in locations with 5G and hardly any instances had been present in locations the place there was no 5G.

How you can Take away Graphene Oxide From the Physique

Graphene oxide, a substance that’s toxic to people has been discovered within the Covid 19 “vaccines”, within the water provide, within the air we breath by chemtrails, and is even in our meals provide.  Graphene oxide interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequency’s (EMF), particularly the broader vary of frequencies present in 5G which might trigger much more harm to our well being.

The signs of graphene oxide poisoning and EMF radiation illness are just like these signs described as Covid. The excellent news is, now that graphene oxide has been recognized as a contaminant, there are methods to take away graphene oxide from our our bodies and restore your well being.

It is a holistic strategy of utilizing a number of completely different strategies concurrently for the most effective impact. Together with, particular dietary supplements to degrade the graphene oxide within the physique, and controlling EMF’s within the setting to attenuate graphene oxide activation.
This info comes from a number of sources and relies on scientific research. Hyperlinks are reference under.


Glutathione is a substance created from the amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. It’s produced naturally by the liver and concerned in lots of processes within the physique, together with tissue constructing and restore, making chemical compounds and proteins wanted within the physique, and for the immune system.  We’ve a pure glutathione reserve in our our bodies. That is what offers us a robust immune system.

When glutathione ranges are excessive within the physique we now have no issues and our immune system features properly. However when the quantity of graphene oxide within the physique exceeds the quantity of glutathione, it causes the collapse of the immune system and triggers a cytokine storm. The best way that graphene oxide can quickly develop to exceed glutathione within the physique is by digital excitation.  That means, EMF’s that bombard the graphene to oxidize it, which quickly triggers the illness.

On the age of 65 glutathione ranges fall drastically within the physique. This may clarify why the inhabitants most affected by Covid-19 are the aged. Glutathione ranges are additionally very low in individuals with pre-existing situations resembling diabetes, weight problems, and so on.  Likewise, glutathione ranges are very excessive in infants, youngsters and athletes. This may clarify why Covid-19 has not affected these individuals.

Graphene oxide when oxidized or activated by particular EMF frequencies overruns the physique’s means to create sufficient glutathione, which destroys the immune system and causes the sickness.  In occasions of sickness (resembling Covid signs and all of the “variants”) it’s essential to lift glutathione ranges within the physique with a purpose to deal with the toxin (graphene oxide) that has been launched or electrically activated.


“We’ve seen scientific trials with lots of of sufferers who had been within the ICU, on a respirator and intubated, virtually on the verge of loss of life. With bilateral pneumonias brought on by the unfold of graphene oxide and subsequent 5G radiation within the lung plaques. Properly, this diffuse stain in these sufferers is symmetrical, which might not occur with a organic agent since it will be slightly asymmetrical, as for instance when there’s a pneumococcal an infection, proper? Properly, in that case a diffuse stain normally seems in a single a part of the lung, however not in one other, not in each symmetrically. So when handled with glutathione by way of direct intravenous —and even orally as properly— or with N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 600 mg or larger doses, individuals inside hours started to recuperate their oxygen saturation” -Dr. Ricardo Delgado  https://www.orwell.metropolis/2021/07/NAC-glutathione.html 

N-acetylcysteine or “NAC” is a complement that causes the physique to provide glutathione, it is called the precursor to glutathione and causes the physique to secrete glutathione endogenously, simply because it does if you do sports activities intensely.  N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) comes from the amino acid L-cysteine and is utilized by the physique to construct antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutritional vitamins, minerals, and different vitamins that shield and restore cells from harm. You will get NAC as a complement or a prescription drug.

Zinc together with NAC  are important antioxidants used to degrade graphene oxide. Dr. Ricardo Delgado states that with these two antioxidants he has personally helped individuals affected by magnetism after inoculation.  That is in individuals with two doses of Pfizer who’ve turn out to be magnetic and after these dietary supplements they not have this symptom.

Different dietary supplements that may be taken to help within the removing of graphene oxide are:
Milk Thistle
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3

For extra info on these dietary supplements for graphene oxide removing please see this hyperlink:


Graphene oxide is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), particularly the frequencies which can be a part of the 5G spectrum. All supplies have what is called an digital absorption band. An absorption band is a variety of wavelengths, frequencies or energies within the electromagnetic spectrum that are attribute of a specific transition from preliminary to remaining state in a substance. It is a particular frequency above which a substance is worked up and oxidizes in a short time. Frequencies beamed at human beings which have a construct up of graphene oxide of their physique could cause the graphene oxide to multiply very quickly, breaking the stability of glutathione and inflicting a cytokine storm in a matter of hours.

Graphene Oxide is the primary ingredient in DARPA  patented hydrogels. It’s these hydrogels which can be within the Covid Jabs, the PCR check swabs and the masks. A conductive hydrogel is a polymer like materials that has substantial qualities and functions. They’re creating completely different sorts of conductive hydrogels which can be being utilized in many issues, in our meals, our water, and injected into our our bodies in vaccines. Conductive hydrogels comprise nanotech that locks on to your DNA and may be managed by 5G sensors. They permit for DNA assortment and manipulation. Conductive hydrogels permit for monitoring and tracing of human beings. There are THOUSANDS of peer reviewed scientific research and articles discussing conductive hydrogels. We’ve put collectively a brief record of some relative research as backup documentation.
Abstract of Hydrogel & Quantum Dot Nanotechnology Traits-Click on to Obtain

It’s from these research that we are able to summarize a number of the traits of conductive hydrogels.

Traits of conductive hydrogels: self recoverability, electrical conductivity, transparency, freezing resistance, stretching, self therapeutic, stimuli responsiveness which implies IT DOES CERTAIN THINGS WHEN 5G HITS IT (or different frequencies for that matter).

We’re surrounded in EMF radiation from cellphones, TV’s and Wi-Fi. Many areas are additionally turning on 5G and there have been investigations performed displaying the correlation between the 5G networks and the Covid outbreaks in an space. To greatest shield your self from graphene oxide poisoning and the activation of graphene oxide in your physique it’s essential to do a number of issues to restrict your EMF publicity.

Some ideas on how to do that embrace: don’t dwell in a metropolis with a number of towers if you happen to will help it, flip off your Wi-Fi at evening and steer clear of good meters and different good gadgets if in any respect potential. An alternative choice is to make use of EMF safety merchandise resembling orgone vitality gadgets to assist remodel the EMF radiation to mitigate the dangerous results.


Since graphene oxide is activated by EMF, you need to create a protecting barrier in your speedy setting that mitigates the EMF in order that it doesn’t activate the graphene oxide. Within the 1930’s a discovery was made that may be utilized as we speak to assist with EMF safety. Throughout a sequence of experiments, the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich found that dwelling samples positioned inside containers created from alternating layers of metal and non-conductive natural materials had been in a position to harness wholesome ‘cosmic vitality’ from the setting. He known as this vitality ‘orgone’. These orgone accumulators and had the power to:protect blood samples for longer intervals of time, sprout more healthy plant seedlings and supply ache aid for his sufferers who sat inside them.

As we speak,  as a substitute of utilizing sheets of metal and plastic we use a composite created from a mix of; iron oxide, metal, brass, shungite and crystal powders encased in epoxy resin. The top result’s a harmonizer that is ready to remodel the dangerous wi-fi fields from; cell towers, good meters, smartphones, web router and your tv, into extra useful vitality for you and your vegetation and pets. The results of this scientific phenomenon had been replicated and properly documented in research performed by the College of Pennsylvania and the Heraclitus Microscopic analysis laboratory.


Essentially the most hanging research in mild of current discoveries of graphene oxide may be discovered within the “Reich Blood Check” carried out by the Heraclitus Microscopic Analysis Laboratory. On this check, they present the effectiveness that orgone vitality has on the blood. They took two blood samples and put one in a management field and the opposite in an orgone vitality field. Over time they took microscopic pictures of the blood samples and witnessed that the orgone vitality pattern was in a position to keep its life drive for an extended time frame. (its was just like the fountain of youth for blood)

When a crimson blood cell has defects and begins to die, they’ll develop one thing known as Acanthocyte formation, the place a number of spiky like projections of various lengths protrude from the cell. The images under present what it seems to be like when a blood cell dies.

Decaying blood cells forming into what Willhelm Reich known as “bions” from the Reich Blood Check work performed by Hericlitus Labs.

These slides above are displaying the bionic disintegration of dwelling and non-living matter. The more healthy cell has a extra stable membrane with a blue mild round it. This blue mild is definitely the lifeforce or “Aura” of the cell. It’s what Reich known as “orgone” vitality.  Because the cell dies and disintegrates, the membrane wall kinds spikey protrusions popping out of it.

The graphene oxide primarily based nanoparticles used within the covid photographs is designed to penetrate the membrane of the cells with a purpose to get the mRNA into them. This fixed penetration of the cell membrane wall may very well be what’s inflicting these membrane deformities. Based on a laboratory information to scientific hematology on the Open Training of Alberta:

“Acanthocyte formation happens because of both hereditary or acquired membrane defects. Defects that trigger an imbalance between the membrane ldl cholesterol and lipid content material have an effect on the RBC’s means to deform leading to extra inflexible plasma membrane”

Now proven under are three pictures taken from current blood work from Dr. Robert Younger.
His conclusion is that what we’re seeing in these blood cells is from the impact of EMF radiation poisoning, graphene oxide poisoning. He calls the formation of the blood cell membranes “The corona impact” and the “Spike protein impact”.

This seems to be similar to the conduct of the dying blood cells within the Reich Blood Check experiment. What we’re seeing listed here are cells which have been poisoned and are dying. We additionally see the formation of the spike protein within the final slide.

A hanging discovery is discovered within the Reich Blood Check that reveals how the orgone vitality gadgets slows down, and stops this decay of blood cells.   That is displaying, at a mobile degree, how the orgone vitality gadgets shield the human physique from dangerous EMF.

The slide under reveals the outcomes of the Reich blood check. The pattern on the left is the one which was contained in the orgone accumulator field. The speed of cell loss of life and decay is 5%.  The pattern on the best is the one which was not within the orgone accumulator field. The speed of decay is 50 %. Clearly, the orgone vitality is doing one thing to assist protect the life drive and well being of the blood.


We make these gadgets for EMF safety in a wide range of shapes and merchandise. These are supposed to be positioned round your setting. They work passively emitting an orgone vitality discipline that interacts with any EMF radiation  that could be round you. This discipline modifications the dangerous EMF vitality and transforms it into wholesome useful vitality. The results of this vitality discipline may be measured in plant development, seedling germination, blood check outcomes, and ache alleviation.   You’ll be able to take a look at our merchandise and discover extra informational movies at our web site