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Sandvik Coromant

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Kobelco Advanced Products & Technology Department

For The Best Achieving ultimate functionality with advanced technology.Kobelco surface treatment solutions. For The Best Tools Improved strength for tools used under high loads. For The Best Products Optimal solutions for products used in rigorous environments. For The Best Future Greater possibilities for the future of manufacturing. Source

Graphenstone USA

TRANSFORM YOUR HOME INTO A TREEBY PAINTING WITH GRAPHENSTONE *Three 15 litre buckets of our paint absorbs more than 14,7Kg of CO2, the same amount of CO2 absorption of 1 growing tree in a year. MORE INFO Source

Sojitz Invests in Singapore’s 2D Materials Pte

-Generating Demand and Commercializing Graphene through Trading Company Functions to Realize an Eco-friendly Society- Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has acquired stake in 2D Materials Pte. Ltd. (“2DM”), a Singapore-based company engaged in the manufacture and sale of graphene. Through this partnership with 2DM, Sojitz will enter the next-generation technology and new materials field.Graphene is one type…

THERMAL-XR® PROJECT UPDATE: 6.5% Energy Reduction Poultry Processing Facility Singapore

THERMAL-XR® PROJECT UPDATE: Poultry Processing Facility in Singapore Savings, 6.5% Energy Reduction After coating with THERMAL-XR® on a Poultry Processing Facility in Singapore, a 6.5% Energy Reduction was measured by management regression analysis estimate. Energy Reduction 6.5% Energy Savings 747 kWhr Emission Savings 149.3 CO2 kg Measurement Days 46 days (11 days of normalised calculations)…