Is Graphene Oxide Causing What Is Falsely Being Referred to as ‘Covid-19?’

“At the moment, La Quinta Columna has made an pressing announcement that they hope will attain as many individuals as doable, particularly these concerned in well being and authorized providers, as biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the staff of researchers and professors with whom they’ve been conducting their analysis have confirmed the presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles in vaccination vials.”

Translated by Orwell Metropolis

Since no such factor as Covid-19 has ever been separated, remoted, or recognized, and never one try and fulfill Koch’s Postulates to find out if a novel ‘virus’ even exists has been tried, what is de facto taking place and why have governments worldwide shut down their nations and declared conflict on their citizenry? What’s the actual plot, and what number of will die on account of this fraudulent pandemic rip-off?

My place since very early on regarding this so-called ‘pandemic’ has been that the SARS-CoV-2 or ‘Covid-19’ was simply the excuse getting used as a authorities device to instill nice worry into the individuals, in order to construct a system of complete management over the plenty. The actual bioweapon evident is the toxic injection mislabeled because the ‘Covid vaccine,’ and the techniques and mandates that haven’t solely destroyed financial exercise, however decimated the well being and immune programs of the individuals at massive. This contains each side of the lockdowns, quarantines, job loss as a result of compelled closings of companies nationwide and worldwide, masks and false testing mandates, and the overall terror purposely caused by the controlling ‘elites’ and their authorities companions.

By this time, most ought to, however few do, perceive the toxic and poisonous nature of what’s being referred to as a ‘vaccine,’ and the big range of lethal adjuvants, dwell animal tissue, organic components, metals, nano-particles, gene-altering messenger-RNA, and naturally many different unknown or purposely hidden toxins on this lethal concoction. However what else is on this satan’s brew?

Only recently, studies coming from a staff of docs, scientists, researchers, and professors from the Spanish group, La Quinta Columna, have said emphatically that the extremely poisonous graphene oxide will not be solely current in vials of ‘Covid vaccines’ from most all pharmaceutical producers, however can also be being delivered in masks and thru ‘Covid’ testing. That is very startling info, and solutions loads of questions on not solely the signs current for a lot of, but additionally might additional expose one other a part of this nefarious agenda that’s depopulation.

As said by this group of researchers:

The masks getting used and at the moment marketed include graphene oxide. Not solely those that had been withdrawn on the time, as indicated by the media, the swabs utilized in each PCR and antigen assessments additionally include graphene oxide nanoparticles.

The COVID vaccines in all their variants, AstraZeca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, and many others., additionally include a substantial dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles. This has been the results of their evaluation by electron microscopy and spectroscopy, amongst different methods utilized by varied public universities in our nation.

The anti-flu vaccine contained nanoparticles of graphene oxide and the brand new anti-flu vaccines and the brand new and supposedly intranasal anti-COVID vaccines they’re getting ready additionally include huge doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles. Graphene oxide is a poisonous that generates thrombi within the organism, graphene oxide is a poisonous that generates blood coagulation. Graphene oxide causes alteration of the immune system. By decompensating the oxidative stability in relation to the gulation reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is elevated by any route of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and subsequent cytokine storm.

Additionally, in accordance with this examine, ranges of graphene oxide in sure ‘vaccine’ vials contained as much as 99% graphene oxide and little else. This toxin could cause pneumonia when the nanoparticles enter the lungs. Graphene additionally causes a metallic style and irritation of the mucus membranes which may result in a lack of style and odor. It might as effectively trigger robust magnetic responses inside a number organism, and also can trigger pink blood cell harm. When deposited on most any floor, it may be transformed into an digital conductor. This might lead one to query many ‘Covid’ signs and the doable makes use of of graphene oxide within the so-called ‘Covid-19 vaccine,’ as this examine group additionally claims that graphene oxide truly causes what’s erroneously described as ‘Covid.’ If so, then the ‘vaccine’ is certainly the bioweapon.

The very many adversarial results of graphene oxide supply into dwelling organisms has been lengthy studied, however nearly nothing about this has been talked about by the pharmaceutical firms, the federal government, or the mainstream media. In truth, there was specific denial of any nano-particle use within the flu and ‘Covid’ injections by these similar sources up to now. The knowledge on this report is staggering, however little effort is required to know the excessive threat of utilizing these poisonous nano-sized particles in ‘vaccines.’

Graphene microparticles, and subsequently graphene by injection, can result in main respiratory illness, together with lung most cancers. As soon as these particles are contained in the physique, and within the cells, the human immune system has not the power to rid itself of those lethal nano-particles, and so they turn into everlasting and may trigger excessive physiological hurt within the physique on the mobile degree.

Bioweapons can are available many types, and that is the brand new tactic of conflict towards the individuals by this and different governments. The highly effective controlling factor of society and its corrupt authorities companions care nothing about you or your households, however solely about energy and management over you. The actual bioweapon isn’t any ‘virus,’ however is the ‘vaccine’ supply system itself, together with masks, and testing, as perpetrated by the very entity (authorities) claiming to be your savior. The elimination of this authorities is so as.

Evidently the loss of life of billions is sought, and a brand new grasp and slave society managed by technocrats in a transhuman atmosphere is the specified consequence. At the moment, science fiction has turn into actuality!

The unique translated article and video from La Quinta Columna could be accessed right here, and likewise within the supply hyperlinks beneath. I might urge all to try this info.

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