Parylene Properties

SCS Parylene conformal coatings are ultra-thin, pinhole-free polymer coatings that present various high-value floor therapy properties equivalent to glorious moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier properties, thermal and UV stability, and dry-film lubricity. These properties make SCS Parylene coatings the best alternative for various functions all through the medical system, electronics, transportation, protection and aerospace industries.

SCS Parylene coating properties that defend

Parylene is the generic title for members of a singular polymer sequence. These members (or variations of Parylene) every provide their very own, barely totally different, coating properties to engineers. Commercially accessible Parylene variants, together with their respective properties, embrace:

Parylene N

The fundamental member of the sequence, Parylene N, is poly(para-xylylene), a totally linear, extremely crystalline materials. Parylene N is a major dielectric, exhibiting a really low dissipation issue, excessive dielectric energy, and a low dielectric fixed invariant with frequency. The crevice-penetrating potential of Parylene N is second solely to that of Parylene HT®.

Parylene C

Parylene C, the second commercially accessible member of the Parylene sequence, is produced from the identical uncooked materials (dimer) as Parylene N, modified solely by the substitution of a chlorine atom for one of many fragrant hydrogens. Parylene C has a helpful mixture {of electrical} and bodily properties, plus a really low permeability to moisture and corrosive gases.

Parylene D

Parylene D, the third member of the sequence, is produced from the identical uncooked materials as Parylene N, modified by the substitution of chlorine atoms for 2 of the fragrant hydrogens. Parylene D is analogous in properties to Parylene C with the added potential to resist barely greater use temperatures.

Parylene HT®

Parylene HT, the latest commercially accessible variant of Parylene, replaces the alpha hydrogen atom of the N dimer with fluorine. This variant of Parylene is helpful in excessive temperature functions (brief time period as much as 450°C) and people through which long-term UV stability is required. Parylene HT additionally has the bottom coefficient of friction and dielectric fixed, and the best penetrating potential of the 4 variants.


ParyFree®, the latest and a singular member of the sequence, replaces a number of hydrogen atoms of the Parylene N dimer with non-halogenated substituents. This halogen-free variant presents the superior barrier properties of Parylene C and provides improved mechanical and electrical properties in comparison with different commercially-available Parylenes. ParyFree optimizes the important mixture of barrier, electrical and mechanical properties to supply sturdy safety towards moisture, water, corrosive solvents and gases, whereas complying with halogen-free necessities of choose industries worldwide.

Parylene C-UVF®

As a result of Parylene coatings are optically clear, there’s an inherent stage of issue concerned in figuring out if a part has been coated with Parylene. Within the aerospace and protection industries, for instance, the place failure just isn’t an possibility, clients require a way to ensure {that a} part is certainly Parylene coated. SCS Parylene C-UVF coatings are fashioned when a particular compound is integrated into the Parylene C deposition course of. The result’s a coating that fluoresces beneath a black mild, verifying that elements are coated and prepared to be used, whereas sustaining the identical electrical, mechanical and bodily properties of Parylene C movie.

microRESIST® Antimicrobial Parylene Expertise

SCS microRESIST Antimicrobial Parylene Expertise is a big breakthrough that mixes the advantages of biocompatible Parylene with antimicrobial properties to successfully eradicate dangerous microorganisms on coated medical gadgets. microRESIST presents producers dependable antimicrobial safety, having demonstrated better than 5 Log discount on 14 of the commonest microorganisms. For extra data on microRESIST, click on right here.

Placing SCS Parylene data to work.

Extra detailed data concerning the Parylene variants, and their respective properties and advantages, will be discovered within the SCS Parylene Properties brochure, which is on the market for obtain within the SCS Technical Library. You may as well discover extra data on SCS Parylene C-UVF® and market-specific brochures containing related properties and functions within the library.

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