The Pfizer vaccine isn’t 99% graphene oxide

14 July 2021

What was claimed

The Pfizer vaccine is 99% graphene oxide.

Our verdict

False. The MHRA has instructed Full Undeniable fact that that is ‘fully incorrect’.

There have been a number of claims made on-line which say that the Pfizer vaccine accommodates 99% graphene oxide, a substance which is derived from graphite. The claims originate from a Spanish research and have been circulating in English (throughout the UK and the US), in Spanish and in Portugese. They aren’t true.

A few of the claims spotlight issues concerning the toxicity of graphene oxide, whereas others recommend that graphene oxide could present an evidence for the ‘magnetism’ that has been generally claimed to be related to the Covid-19 vaccines (that is false and we now have reality checked this declare beforehand). 

Along with seeing posts shared on social media, Full Truth has additionally been requested about these claims by our personal readers. A number of customers on social media have claimed graphene oxide within the vaccine is getting used to poison individuals and create a mass genocide. This isn’t true, and there’s no graphene oxide within the Pfizer vaccine.

Graphene oxide is a nanomaterial (a chemical substance or materials that’s at a really small scale, for instance with an exterior dimension of 1-100nm) which is regarded as of vital potential use for biomedicine. There are issues, nonetheless, round toxicity and potential antagonistic results.

There are modifications that are being explored, and Johns Hopkins infectious illness specialist Dr. Amesh Adalja beforehand instructed AP Information that there was analysis on doubtlessly utilizing graphene oxide in different vaccines, however the quantities wouldn’t be poisonous to human cells.

The priority across the presence of graphene oxide within the Pfizer vaccine appear to be based mostly on a Spanish research which says that on transmission electron microscopy (a microscopy approach which permits notably wonderful particulars and buildings to be seen), the answer created from a vial of the Pfizer vaccine takes a really related type to graphene oxide. 

Graphene oxide is just not listed as an ingredient of the vaccine, and the Medical and Well being product Regulatory Company (MHRA)  instructed Full Undeniable fact that these claims are “fully incorrect”. 

A spokesperson for Pfizer additionally instructed Full Undeniable fact that “Graphene oxide is just not used within the manufacture of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine”.

On the subject of the Spanish research, there are a variety of issues with the claims that it makes, and the way in which that these findings have been interpreted by some individuals on social media. 

The declare that the Pfizer vaccine is essentially made up of graphene oxide has been reality checked many instances earlier than. 


Just one pattern was examined and its provenance is unknown

Firstly, we now have no approach of verifying what the scientists truly checked out by electron microscopy. The paper says that the pattern of Pfizer vaccine for testing was obtained by the testing laboratory from a courier and, though the pattern was sealed, its provenance and traceability is unknown. The writer says within the research limitations that these findings are from “one single pattern” of Pfizer vaccine and due to this fact, “vital sampling of comparable vials” is required to be able to “draw conclusions that may be generalized”. 


The research itself says it’s not ‘conclusive proof’ 

When referring to the photographs which examine electron microscopy of the Pfizer vaccine with photographs of microscopy of graphene oxide, the research says that they “symbolize a excessive similarity” but in addition says that this doesn’t present “definitive identification” or “conclusive proof”. 

Importantly, the doc says that it’s an interim report. It has not been printed in a good scientific journal, or obtained peer evaluate. 


The College of Almeria has distanced itself

Thirdly, whereas the researcher who authors the paper reportedly works on the College of Almeria in Spain—a declare that has been used so as to add legitimacy when circulated on-line—the writer clearly states that the outcomes and conclusions of the report “don’t indicate any institutional place of the College of Almeria”. 

The college has additionally publicly distanced itself from the paper on Twitter and in a launched assertion, saying that it’s an “unofficial report by a college professor about an evaluation of a pattern of unknown origin with complete lack of traceability”. 

The college mentioned it doesn’t subscribe to this report. 

This text is a part of our work reality checking doubtlessly false footage, movies and tales on Fb. You’ll be able to learn extra about this—and learn how to report Fb content material—right here. For the needs of that scheme, we’ve rated this declare as false as a result of the Pfizer vaccine is just not 99% graphene oxide.

  • By Daniella de Block Golding